Thursday, October 7, 2010

Locomotive theme for Toy Parade

Forgot to add: rear wheels would be 27" fronts from re-Cycles, and second small wheels would be 20".


  1. Add hula hoops to simulate the boiler tank.
    Can we run an electric kettle to supply steam to the stack?
    The rest looks great!

  2. How about bubbles instead of steam? ;)

  3. we could use a bicycle wheel ringed with lights on the front to give the shape of a boiler, with straight lines of lights leading back top and sides to give the boiler depth.

    As far as the kettle goes, they take a huge amount of power... I wonder if a mister would work? Or even burn something in a controlled fashion... That could be lit from underneath to highlight it. Oh, hey, just saw the bubbles idea, that's even better!

  4. As for colours, blue for the locomotive, with white headlight and red rear marker lights, green for the passenger car, and red for the caboose.

  5. Here's some
    doodles for the rest...

    holy crap... this lighting design needs 152' of blue, 123' of green and 63' of red for a total of 340' of Electro-Luminescent wire (that is $1.25/foot)

  6. Can you get a bulk discount? (Or more importantly, do they have that much in stock?!?)

    - RG>

  7. Here is the progress so far from the work party we had at Re-cycles on Saturday November 13th.

    Nick has access to a smoke machine. I've asked him to find out how much power it takes.

  8. Hello Northern friends! Nothing helpful to post, just a big thank you for doing more cool stuff with your bikes!